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174299Re: Language Phrase Books

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  • Douglas Koller
    Aug 1, 2010
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      From: "Ph.D." <phil@...>

      Douglas Koller wrote:

      >> . . . I'm not really keen on being arrested, so I don't
      >> know what copyright laws would be infringed if I
      >> made it available.

      >I'm not a lawyer, but I believe, at least in the USA,
      >copyright infringement is generally a civil matter. You
      >wouldn't be arrested, but rather the copyright holder
      >would sue you.

      Oh joy. Oh rapture.


      (The Elet Anta guy had stuff he readily acknowledged as copied without permission. Haven't seen him in many a year. Was he carried off in manacles, or did he just lose interest int the list?)
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