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170669Re: Plan B variations

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  • R A Brown
    Mar 3, 2010
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      MorphemeAddict wrote:
      > Has anyone actually used in a conlang the Huffman-like encodings that Plan B
      > illustrates?

      The only one I know of is Jörg's X-1 conlang.

      But as it states on that page "X-1 is still under
      development; consider everything in this article work in
      progress," I'm not sure that it really counts.

      When I was still intending to develop a loglang, I did have
      a page in which I discussed the Huffman-like encodings and
      why I rejected such a scheme. The page is at present
      off-line. I guess with the present interest in Plan B, I
      ought to think about getting it - or a modified version of
      the page - back online.

      But I know of no other conlang that uses it. Basically, it
      seems to me that using Huffman-like encodings is fine for a
      computer and, maybe, extra-terrestrial aliens but not for
      human usable languages.

      Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
      There's none too old to learn.
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