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170650Re: Plan B variations

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  • R A Brown
    Mar 2, 2010
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      MorphemeAddict wrote:
      > Although in that information it mentions that 32 or 64 symbols are possible,
      > but hard to map to the 26 letters of the alphabet,

      What I meant is that having 32 or 64 separate, individual
      symbols is difficult using the Roman alphabet. 32 could be
      managed, of course, using a mix of upper and lower case
      symbols, but many find such a mix unpleasing. But 64 single
      discrete symbols is not really possible with a 26 letter
      alphabet, even if we double this by using all the upper &
      lower case symbols.

      > it's actually really easy
      > to map them. Take the 16 consonants that Jeff Prothero suggested (bcdf ghjk
      > lmnp stvz, only because they're easy)

      To be honest, I didn't really understand why he hadn't
      simply used the conventional hex symbols, especially in view
      of the odd way in which he actually uses the symbols, i.e.
      as vowel or consonant, depending upon position in the bit

      > and combine them with 4 or eight vowels
      > (a e i o u aw ay oy are my normal choice). These 128 syllables are easy to
      > use.

      There are, indeed, many ways one can map the 16 quartets to
      sounds. I've merely suggested some possibilities :)

      Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
      There's none too old to learn.
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