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  • MorphemeAddict
    Mar 1, 2010
      Although in that information it mentions that 32 or 64 symbols are possible,
      but hard to map to the 26 letters of the alphabet, it's actually really easy
      to map them. Take the 16 consonants that Jeff Prothero suggested (bcdf ghjk
      lmnp stvz, only because they're easy)and combine them with 4 or eight vowels
      (a e i o u aw ay oy are my normal choice). These 128 syllables are easy to

      On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 4:11 AM, R A Brown <ray@...> wrote:

      > MorphemeAddict wrote:
      >> Does anyone know of any variations of Jeff Prothero's Plan B? Where can I
      >> find them?
      > In September 1992 Jacques Guy wrote a satirical response to Plan B which
      > IMO (probably not shared by all here) makes valid criticisms of the
      > language. This can be found (the last article) on:
      > http://web.archive.org/web/20010616113550/http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Garden/7676/l-humor.html
      > In September 2005 Jörg and I discussed on Conlang ways of reforming Plan
      > B's somewhat bizarre scheme of pronunciation. We agreed that Jeff
      > Prothero's aim of providing a method whereby each quartet in a bit stream
      > could map to pronounceable speech stream could have been effected more
      > simply if each quartet mapped to a CV syllable (as indeed Jacques Guy had
      > observed). My original scheme is preserved in Jörg's X-1 language:
      > http://wiki.frath.net/X-1
      > Jörg's language retains Jeff Prothero's method for segregating morphemes,
      > but has different syntax.
      > Subsequently (March 2006) I modified my earlier scheme, making it rather
      > more 'user friendly'; see:
      > http://www.carolandray.plus.com/Exp/March2006.html
      > Finally in July 2007, I modified this still further, giving a very simple
      > syllabary of just 16 CV syllables; see:
      > http://www.carolandray.plus.com/Exp/PhonAndOrthog.html#sixteen
      > I discuss these various proposals on:
      > http://www.carolandray.plus.com/Exp/Appendix1.html
      > Originally, I was intending to develop a loglang using those 16 syllables
      > and I had a pages discussing Plan B's self-segregating morphemes and syntax.
      > These are now not online.
      > As far as self-segregating morphemes are concerned, basically, using the
      > July 2007 syllabary, I adopted a modified of a scheme John Cowan suggested
      > for his xuxuxi language, see:
      > http://archives.conlang.info/cae/qeiljhin/dhueqeindhein.html
      > As for the syntax, I discussed this on a page which is currently off-line.
      > But personally I found this aspect of the language unsatisfactory; my
      > assessment was: "Indeed, it is only too apparent that Plan B is just a
      > relexification of English with suffixes to show the precedence of each word
      > in its parse tree. This last point, in my opinion, is a major criticism."
      > --
      > Ray
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