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  • MorphemeAddict
    Mar 1, 2010
      Thanks for the excellent answer!


      On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 4:11 AM, R A Brown <ray@...> wrote:

      > MorphemeAddict wrote:
      >> Does anyone know of any variations of Jeff Prothero's Plan B? Where can I
      >> find them?
      > In September 1992 Jacques Guy wrote a satirical response to Plan B which
      > IMO (probably not shared by all here) makes valid criticisms of the
      > language. This can be found (the last article) on:
      > http://web.archive.org/web/20010616113550/http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Garden/7676/l-humor.html
      > In September 2005 Jörg and I discussed on Conlang ways of reforming Plan
      > B's somewhat bizarre scheme of pronunciation. We agreed that Jeff
      > Prothero's aim of providing a method whereby each quartet in a bit stream
      > could map to pronounceable speech stream could have been effected more
      > simply if each quartet mapped to a CV syllable (as indeed Jacques Guy had
      > observed). My original scheme is preserved in Jörg's X-1 language:
      > http://wiki.frath.net/X-1
      > Jörg's language retains Jeff Prothero's method for segregating morphemes,
      > but has different syntax.
      > Subsequently (March 2006) I modified my earlier scheme, making it rather
      > more 'user friendly'; see:
      > http://www.carolandray.plus.com/Exp/March2006.html
      > Finally in July 2007, I modified this still further, giving a very simple
      > syllabary of just 16 CV syllables; see:
      > http://www.carolandray.plus.com/Exp/PhonAndOrthog.html#sixteen
      > I discuss these various proposals on:
      > http://www.carolandray.plus.com/Exp/Appendix1.html
      > Originally, I was intending to develop a loglang using those 16 syllables
      > and I had a pages discussing Plan B's self-segregating morphemes and syntax.
      > These are now not online.
      > As far as self-segregating morphemes are concerned, basically, using the
      > July 2007 syllabary, I adopted a modified of a scheme John Cowan suggested
      > for his xuxuxi language, see:
      > http://archives.conlang.info/cae/qeiljhin/dhueqeindhein.html
      > As for the syntax, I discussed this on a page which is currently off-line.
      > But personally I found this aspect of the language unsatisfactory; my
      > assessment was: "Indeed, it is only too apparent that Plan B is just a
      > relexification of English with suffixes to show the precedence of each word
      > in its parse tree. This last point, in my opinion, is a major criticism."
      > --
      > Ray
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