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169967Re: Adverbial verbs(like stative verbs)?

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  • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets
    Feb 2 7:30 AM
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      > 'Tomorrow' may, of course, be used as a noun, so presumably this can have
      > some noun flexion.

      That's how I do it in Moten, which totally lacks adverbs. Noun phrases are
      used instead.

      > But 'there' ("adverb of place") and 'then' ("adverb of time") seem to me a
      > little trickier.
      They are pronouns in Moten, and have nominal morphology.

      > When I saw Philip's 'there', my immediate response was "[in] that place."
      > Then I thought "Hey, how's Vincent going to express 'that'? It's adjectival,
      > but a stative verb doesn't seem appropriate."
      Moten is different in that respect: it also lacks adjectives, which are
      simply a special use of nominal. Any nominal apposed after its head has an
      adjectival meaning. That includes the demonstrative pronouns (which are
      separate, although somewhat related, to the spatial and temporal pronouns).

      You can check my blog if you want. I discuss those pronouns in "Moten, Part
      II", and does have a little information on how to translate some kinds of
      Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets.

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