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169942Re: Adverbial verbs(like stative verbs)?

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  • David McCann
    Feb 1, 2010
      On Sun, 2010-01-31 at 18:54 -0500, Vincent Pistelli wrote:
      > I know that there are stative verbs but are their verbs that work as
      > adjectives too? I am trying to make a language with only two parts of
      > speech: nouns and verbs. Adjectives are easily eliminated through stative
      > verbs, but is their a way to have verbs that work as adverbs? It seems like
      > it would be more difficult because most adjectives are usually go with verbs
      > like to be. However, adverbs can go with almost any verb. Do you know of
      > any language that does this? Can you possibly provide examples? Thanks!

      The nearest to this in natural languages was the extinct Californian
      language Yana. It had nouns, verbs, one preposition, and a few

      For adverbs, you can have

      1. case forms of nouns, like Arabic ġadan 'tomorrow', accusative of ġadu
      'next day'

      2. verbs, like Akan
      ɔtaa ba ha 'he-pursue come here' = 'he often comes here'
      ohintaw kɔ hɔ 'he hide go there' = 'he goes there secretly'

      3. verbal affixes, like Yana -xkid 'slowly', -ca 'by night' or Eskimo
      -nirluk 'badly'.
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