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167817Re: New Blog Post: Moten Part I

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  • Roger Mills
    Dec 1, 2009
      --- On Tue, 12/1/09, Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets <tsela.cg@...> wrote:

      > I've just started a new series of blogs about my conlangs.
      > Since my webpage
      > is hopelessly outdated and I can't seem to advance fast
      > enough in
      > redesigning it, I've decided to use my blog to publish my
      > conlangs'
      > grammars. Today I published the first of such posts,
      > entitled "Moten, Part
      > I: Background and Phonology". To the more seasoned members
      > of this list,
      > this might feel like a blast from the past, since Moten was
      > a language I had
      > already designed before even joining the list (back in
      > 1998!). But even
      > today it is still the language I developed the most, and I
      > feel it deserves
      > being the first one I present in my blog.
      The back-story is charming! I'm looking forward to more information.
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