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165208Re: Vowel Harmony?

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  • Peter Bleackley
    Sep 11, 2009
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      staving Roger Mills:
      > --- On Fri, 9/11/09, Peter Bleackley <Peter.Bleackley@...>
      > wrote:
      >> staving Roger Mills:
      >>> Your system seems to involve a recusive umlaut rule--
      >> V1 is affected
      >>> by V2, then V2 by V3. You refer to the underlying /a i
      >> u/, but do
      >>> these vowels ever actually occur in 1st or 2nd
      >> syllables? Where is
      >>> the stress (perhaps word-final?), and does it matter?
      >> It's certainly possible for apical vowels to occur in first
      >> sylables, for example
      >> kafanu > kafonu
      > Aha. I had'nt thought that through. I suppose kafana, kifini, kifynu,
      > kufunu, kufona etc. are possible too?

      Yes, they're all possible. Imagine that a recent ancestor had a 3-vowel
      system, and feature-spreading occured.

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