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164896Re: Vowel Harmony?

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  • Peter Bleackley
    Sep 1, 2009
      staving <deinx nxtxr>:
      > Jim Henry wrote:
      >> On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 2:22 AM, <deinx
      >> nxtxr><deinx.nxtxr@...> wrote:
      >>> I'm just curious about any conlangs out there that have vowel harmony
      >>> and
      >> gj�-zym-byn has nasal/oral vowel harmony; I don't know of any natlangs
      >> that do that. The only ones I know of have vowel harmony based on
      >> front/backness.
      > I've seen some, like Turkic languages with rounding harmony. The
      > language I'm playing with doesn't have nasal vowels so I'm not sure I'll
      > have to worry about that. I'm thinking maybe a front-center-back system.

      Rounding harmony is one I've always wanted to try out.
      Another thing I like the idea of (I think I tried it out in the Conlang
      Evolotion Experiment, but talideon wiki is down at the moment) is what I
      call a "vowel melody" system, mainly on the ground that I don't know a
      better term for it. There's an underlying three-vowel system, but each
      vowel assimilates towards the following one, eg
      katiru > ketyru
      surami > soremi
      So we have a total of six vowels
      i y u
      e o

      where subsequent syllables must contain vowels which are either
      identical or adjecent in the triangle, and the final vowel of a word
      must be at an apex of the triangle.

      Any real-life examples of such a system, and what would it be called?

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