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160982Re: Nominal Aspect for Location Nouns

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  • Peter Bleackley
    Jun 1, 2009
      staving Elding Raigmore:

      >Is there a specific order to which to keep? E.g. Instinctively I would've
      >ordered the segunakar in this way:
      >Which admittedly gives an unpronounceable (for Khangathyagon speakers
      >anyway, presumably) cluster near the end and a sequence of two identical
      >vowels further front.

      The canonical order for segunakar is
      deixis-proximity-position-motion-number for local segunakar, and
      deixis-abstract-number for abstract segunakar.
      If I were to change the order, I'd probably put
      number first. I'd also do it in a descendent
      rather than in KhangaÞyagon itself.
      The plural segunak -r has the allomorph -ar when
      following consonants, as seen in hirreltar and
      zerrishar in the original example.

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