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160619Re: How do non-English speaking linguists do interlinears?

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  • Roger Mills
    May 10, 2009
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      In Indonesian work I don't recall ever seeing interlinears, or even very many grammatical terms--perhaps some of our colleagues have?? Work intended for an international audience would likely (now) be in English (formerly in Dutch). I suspect there are problems--

      "Past" is lampau; 'the past' is waktu yang lampau
      "Future" is waktu yang akan datang 'time that will come'
      "Noun" is kata nama (word+name)
      "Verb" is kata kerja (word+work)
      "Adjective" IIRC is kata benda (word+quality)
      "Pronoun" is kata ganti nama IIRC (word replace name)
      "Plural" is jamak
      "definite" is tentu ~tertentu

      As was mentioned re Japanese, there is no "the"; itu 'that' is used
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