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156925Re: alíta na-lahéap

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  • Michael Poxon
    Jan 1, 2009
      Snap - since the Auleri don't actually measure years (which usually are said
      to start around the Spring equinox) there's no "New Year's Day" as such,
      so one would use the durative of Lamalina "new growth" which is the turning
      point of the year:
      Elgora lamalinalla gelde (since there is no verb "to be", imperatives in
      such a situation are suffixed to the adjective) thus:
      el-gora "be (polite) good"
      lamalina-lla "from the time of 'new year's day' "
      gelde "to/for you all"


      Jorayn doesn't really have a concept for year, but one might say

      mayaya'kko tiirsa vijerétoòmol ovo'yaliiyotuncar
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