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156924Re: alíta na-lahéap

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  • Matthew Turnbull
    Jan 1, 2009
      Jorayn doesn't really have a concept for year, but one might say

      mayaya'kko tiirsa vijerétoòmol ovo'yaliiyotuncar

      ma-yaya'-kko tiirsa vijeré-toòmo-l ovo'-yaliiyotuncar
      good-2SG.IMP.PRES-ADV during begin-3SG.PRES-REL this-year year =
      sun circle
      be well during which is begining this year
      May it be that you are well during this coming year.

      IMP - Imperative mood
      REL - relative clause mood
      ADV - adverbial form of word
      PRES - present tense
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