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156363Re: Computerized translation into conlang?

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  • Benct Philip Jonsson
    Dec 1, 2008
      On 2008-11-26 Gary Shannon wrote:
      > In other words, I now have a program that pretty
      > successfully pulls apart an English sentence and
      > represents it as separate elements that could now be
      > reassembled in any arbitrary fashion. It would be an easy
      > matter at this point to reassemble the pieces using
      > different root words, add case endings, provide a
      > different means of conjugating verbs, etc., and produce a
      > "translation" of the sentence.

      Wouldn't the ease of such a task stand in proportion
      to how different the source language's grammar is from
      English? Seeing how lousy Google Translate performs
      on turning English definite noun phrases into Swedish
      has restored my old pessimism WRT machine translation
      and reassured me that I won't be put out of work by a
      computer anytime soon. (Howovor GT performs better when
      goinc from Swedish to English...)

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