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155903Re: human language grammars for computers

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  • Gary Shannon
    Nov 1, 2008
      --- On Sat, 11/1/08, Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...> wrote:

      > From: Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>

      > Hi
      > I'm working my way through some books on the likes of
      > BNF, lex, yacc and so
      > on, and I'm wondering if anyone's got any pointers
      > to the way human language
      > grammars are parsed etc, by software?

      Google "Natural Language Processing".

      There are Context Free Grammar (CFG) parsers, Ordered CFG parsers (OCFG), link grammars, top down, bottom up, and many more.

      A lot of people are working on computer parsing, and there is a lot of literature on the subject. Myself, I've invented two new methods of machine parsing <http://fiziwig.com/parser/parse2.html> and I'm working on a third right now.

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