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154285Re: German with Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja?

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  • John Vertical
    Aug 1, 2008
      >My idea of doing something like this (disregarding
      >the stem changes for a moment) would be a mixture of morphology and
      >phonology. E.g. conflate all inflectional endings in -e into the same
      >character, regardless of their function.
      >Such an ending would not be used to write phonetically (e.g. names),
      >but only for inflectional endings that are -e. By this, I'd probably
      >be able to cut down the required endings for German to about 10 or so:
      >the vowel would be -e- /@/ anyway (which is dropped frequently when
      >the stem permits it) and then there are only a handful of consonants
      >used in endings: -e, -(e)t, -(e)n, -(e)r, -(e)m, -(e)s. They are then
      >used for a vast number of different things, of course.


      Those are called "morphones", right? (The name seems to be something of a
      phoneme : phone :: morpheme : X construction, tho the analogy is a little off
      considering it's a superset, not an element. But still less abstract...)

      John Vertical
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