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  • Adam Walker
    May 1, 2008
      --- Sai Emrys <sai@...> wrote:
      > Though it's worth noting that the most famous -
      > Martha's Vinyard - had
      > IIRC common examples of *hearing* people
      > communicating with each other
      > in ASL, not just it being used where hearing status
      > required it.

      MVSL was NOT ASL. It was a likely source of some of
      the features of ASL that differ from LSF, but MVSL was
      a different language, though I've found little
      documentation of what the language was like I have
      found the speculation that it was a decendant of a
      presumptive Old Kentish Sign Language due to Kent
      being the homeland of the first Deaf on MV and
      documentary evidence of a high rate of Deafness in
      certain parts of Kent.


      Ed ñavisud in junu suñu pera nun regrediri ad ul Erodu, regrediruns ad il sustrus provinchi peu'l via aurra.

      Machu 2:12
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