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151908Re: Irrealis mood and non-finite verbs

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  • Christopher Bates
    Apr 2, 2008
      From a typological point of view. If you come up with a classification
      and demonstrate that you can then make predictions that languages which
      call into category X are likely to also have property Y, I think you
      could claim it was a useful result. Or at least, as useful as anything
      in linguistics, although I guess I'm not sure of the practical value of
      much of the field for things other than curiousity and conlanging. ;)
      >> Christopher Bates <chrisdb@...> wrote:
      >> D. N. S. Bhat...claims...that it's still useful to classify many
      >> languages as being one of the three, and that there are typology
      >> correlates of being tense, aspect, or mood prominent.
      > I think that classifications such as this are very interesting, but why
      > are they useful?
      > Charlie
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