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151038Re: Evolution of Romance (was: **Answer to Pete**)

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  • R A Brown
    Feb 11, 2008
      Andreas Johansson wrote:
      > Quoting R A Brown <ray@...>:
      > [snip]
      >> By 'Ancient Italian' I understand the Proto-language from which not only
      >> Early Latin but also Venetic, Umbrian, Oscan, Sabellian and Sabine are
      >> derived - if indeed Yves Cortez is calling Proto-Romance "Ancient
      >> Italian" what does he call the Proto-language of all the related IE
      >> Italian languages?
      > I don't know what Mr Cortez calls it, but isn't this stage usually refered as
      > (ancient, proto-) Ital*ic* rather than Ital*ian*?


      But if someone started talking about _Ancient_ Italian, I would, unless
      there was further clarification, assume s/he meant 'Ancient Italic.'
      OTOH I would understand 'Old Italian' to mean an older stage of the
      present Italian language, possibly Dante or slightly earlier.

      Cortez, from what we have been told, calls Proto-Romance "Ancient
      Italian" - but I guess this is probably on reflexion poor translation,
      i.e. translating 'italien ancien' as "Ancient Italian."

      The trouble is that French 'ancien' and English "ancient" do _not_ have
      the same range of meanings.

      As I said in my original mail, I don't think we can get much forwarder
      in this discussion without actually knowing seeing Cortez's book (or at
      least having a fuller account of his thesis).

      Entia non sunt multiplicanda
      praeter necessitudinem.
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