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  • Reilly Schlaier
    Jan 1, 2008
      >Where does the _a_ in _skagg_- forms come from?

      'o' becomes 'a' sometimes because of an irregular a-umlaut
      its supposed to be across the board but tends to occur only rarely (because
      im not sure if i like it or not)

      >What led to _o_ being short in _skogg_?

      short vowels before doubled consonants
      again not a hard and fast rule

      >What led to _e_ being short in _hest_? (I know it is short in
      >Icelandic, but I never understood why. This is one point where my GMP
      >for Þrjótrunn does not predict the Icelandic form correctly.)

      thats probably me just not doing very good research lol

      >How do you let the suffixed article trigger umlaut in, say, 'hest' (I
      >suppose 'y' in 'hyst-' is from some i-umlaut)? I would think that the
      >suffixing process was quite late. Do you have another umlaut period?

      yes there is a second umlaut period which is still occuring

      >Another thing: I take it 'til' is a preposition? Why does it take
      >dative case? It takes genitive in Icelandic. (Dunno about Faroese,

      its actually just there to help distinguish the acc. from the dat.

      >Again, I think it's interesting work, please show us more of your
      >construction. I'd love to read more! :-)

      thank you
      im a fan of Þrjótrunn because of how impossibly well researched it is :)

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