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  • Roger Mills
    Dec 1, 2007
      > 404 FILE NOT FOUND
      > Auê! (oops!) The page you are looking for is no longer on ibiblio.org or
      > has
      > been moved.
      Prevli (improvised): hup! diki usel o selkapra od ionnin nibli, ili tun
      inusyan o diez lupti
      /hup, diki us el o seli/kapra odi i-onnin ni mil, ili tun in-usyan o dia/z
      Oops! here not there.is def. electric/paper REL PASS-IRREAL-look.for by you,
      or PERF. INCH-IRREAL-other it POSS location
      The (electronic/computer) page you (probably) are looking for is not here,
      or its location has (probably) changed.

      ['keja / 'diki us'El osEl'kaprOdj2n'dindi'bli / '?ili "tuninu'S&n

      The first line is what a Lañ-lañ might write-- _they_ know where the accents
      and mutations happen.

      For the benefit of us outlanders: keya, diki usél o selkapra od yön:ín
      niblí, ili tun inuSän o diez luptü.

      /noin/ 'look for' realis nöin ['n2.in], pass. /n-i-oin/ n,öin ['J2,in];
      irrealis on:ín [on'din], pass. /i-on:ín/ yönnín [y2n'din]

      /suyan/ 'other, different' realis /suyna/ sün,å ['syJO], inchoative
      /in-suyan/ itsün,å; irrealis /usyan/ [u'S&n], inchoative /in-usyan/ 'become
      different/other = change (intrans.)' inuSän [inu'S&n] --I use s-acute for
      [S] in text; I know that won't work here :-(((

      (Well, I think I got that all correct..............)
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