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147724Re: Brr (was: Re: A few questions about linguistics concerning my new project)

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  • Joseph Fatula
    Aug 2, 2007
      T. A. McLeay wrote:
      > Caucasian languages (which is, I think, a geographical and not genetic
      > classification). Ubykh is the standard example: the WP article on the
      > topic at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubykh_phonology observes that it
      > has the largest consonant inventory of any language that doesn't use
      > clicks, but has only two contrastive vowels: /�?/ and /a/ (and possibly
      > also /a:/, tho it is also analysable as /aa/). In practice, however, the
      > vowels [e i o u a: e: i: o: u:] also occur as allophones conditioned by
      > palatalised and labialised coarticulations in consonants or the platal
      > and labio-velar glides themselves.
      > Scary, huh?

      A conlang I've been working on recently doesn't have _any_ phonemic
      vowels, as far as I can tell, yet it has three phonetic vowel realizations.
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