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147687Re: Brr (was: Re: A few questions about linguistics concerning my new project)

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    Aug 1, 2007
      Ray Brown wrote:
      >Thinks: How does one give a language that Brr factor?

      Back in the 70s, my Natl.Public Radio station ran a series produced in
      Alaska-- folk tales of the Aleut (IIRC) people. The title ("The things that
      were said of them") was given in the language, as were the names of course
      and occasional phrases. It was all spoken very quietly and was full of [q]s
      and [?]s, and perhaps [x]s and [G]s. Somehow it felt "cold"*-- I imagined
      that the language had evolved that way so that the people wouldn't have to
      open their mouths very wide in the freezing cold :-))

      *maybe too, because of the subject matter, or because it was broadcast
      during winter? They were very strange but affecting stories, and I'd love
      to hear it all again.

      Gwr should be a "cold" language, as they too live in the frozen north (odd
      place for simian types to evolve, but hey... Maybe they moved up there to
      get away from the Kash, whose early ancestors preyed on them) , but I'm not
      sure it is. It does have /q/ and /x/........
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