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147680Re: Brr (was: Re: A few questions about linguistics concerning my new project)

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  • R A Brown
    Aug 1, 2007
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      ROGER MILLS wrote:
      > Kou wrote:
      >> From: Michael Poxon <mike@...>
      >> > 3. Rather than expand the vowel system, it might be fun to restrict
      >> it. Just
      >> > have (say) a i u, as I believe some Inuit langs do. That may even
      >> give your
      >> > language a certain cold-climate feel, fine if that's what you're
      >> after but
      >> > not so fine if you're not!
      >> Doesn't Arabic, at least in theory, have an a-i-u system?


      > Yes. Also Tagalog and Bisayan, among others in the PI.

      Also Kichwa (Quechua) over in Peru where I was earlier this year.

      It can get a bit nippy at hight in high Andes (and the very high Andes
      don't lose their snow!) - but not what one thinks of cold-climate feel,
      anymore than the Philippine Islands or Arabia.

      I'm not what feel, in itself, a three-vowel system actually does give a
      conlang. Surely it will depend upon what else goes along with it?

      Thinks: How does one give a language that Brr factor?

      Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
      There's none too old to learn.
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