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146964Re: Doing without relative, coordinate and subordinate clauses?

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  • Jeff Rollin
    Jul 1, 2007
      In the last episode, (On Sunday 01 July 2007 03:44:58),
      MorphemeAddict@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 6/30/2007 10:50:11 AM Central Daylight Time,
      > jeff.rollin@... writes:
      > > I
      > > wanted to do without relative, coordinate and subordinate clauses, and
      > > use participles and the like instead, I had no idea how to go about it.
      > From your example it looks like you are not eliminating any of those types
      > of clauses, but only changing the form. The relative clause reminds me of
      > Chinese and Japanese.
      > stevo </HTML>

      Yes, that would probably be more accurate. The model is Chinese, Japanese and
      other languages that are restricted to one finite verb per sentence, not

      "Please understand that there are small
      European principalities devoted to debating
      Tcl vs. Perl as a tourist attraction."

      -- Cameron Laird
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