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146060Re: Making modifiers out of nouns

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  • Eugene Oh
    May 1 3:53 AM
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      It seems as though most on the list prefer "adjectivaliser", which, as
      Carsten pointed out, parallels "nominaliser", "verbaliser" and
      "adverbialiser". He also suggested I check sil.org for its glossary,
      but alas, it seems as though even SIL hasn't a standard term for it.
      For the sake of consistency, then I shall adopt "adjectivaliser".

      And admittedly the "-nén" suffix (substituted the acute for the macron
      for technical issues) makes modifiers, not merely adjectives, as I was
      reminded by someone's remark (I can't remember who at the moment).

      Thanks for all your replies!


      2007/4/30, R A Brown <ray@...>:
      > MorphemeAddict@... wrote:
      > > In a message dated 4/29/2007 8:25:02 PM Central Daylight Time,
      > > veritosproject@... writes:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >>>Gracías! (Now did I spell that right.)
      > >>
      > >>No, you didn't. On a 3+ syllable word, the accent defaults to the
      > >>penultimate. The accent is unnecessary. OWNED! Just kidding.
      > >
      > >
      > > "Gracias" is a two-syllable word, since the "i" is not a separate syllable,
      > > and the stress defaults to the penultimate when the word ends in a vowel, "s",
      > > or, "n".
      > ...and, therefore, no written accent, as one or two others have also
      > pointed out.
      > > Portuguese, on the other hand, does put a written accent on the
      > > first syllable. I suppose in Portuguese it's the vowels that are counted, and not
      > > just the syllables.
      > Nope - it counts syllables. But Portuguese uses all three accents, i.e.
      > acute, grave and circumflex, as they mark vowel quality as well as
      > stress - a somewhat more complicated system than Spanish.
      > But the Portuguese for "thanks" is surely _obrigado_, isn't it?
      > On quick look in online Portuguese dictionaries, I haven't discovered
      > *grácias. But there is there is _graças a_ "thanks to", but that has no
      > accent AFAIK.
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      > Ray
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