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142273Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.2 (repost #1)

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  • Carsten Becker
    Sep 3, 2006
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      From: "Henrik Theiling" <theiling@...>
      Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 5:02 AM

      >> 1. forest


      >> 2. mushroom (edible)


      >> 3. to look for something

      balangao (to search)

      >> 4. To find something after searching for it


      >> 5. base, bottom


      >> 6. moss


      >> 7. basket, bag

      kasu, ladang

      >> 8. pine needles, leaves of a conifer

      singay (< singaya, lit. "stitcher")

      >> 9. each

      -en (every)

      >> 10. always


      >> 1. The forest is in that direction. (or "over there",
      >> said while
      >> pointing to it)

      Vinimreng ada-bukanea.
      Forest.A that-direction.LOC

      >> 2. I like mushrooms very much!

      Le vatyayang tulangyeon kangan!
      TRG=P like.1s.A mushroom.PL.TRG *very*_much

      >> 3. I often go searching for mushrooms in the forest.

      Ang balangasayin komila tulangyeley vinimea.
      TRG=A search.HABIT.1s.TRG often muchroom.PL.P forest.LOC

      >> 4. She kept the mushroom that I tripped over.

      that means?

      >> 5. At the base of which tree did you find that
      >> mushroom?

      Eyran elinam mehirea le sungevang ada-tulangon?
      Under which tree.LOC TRG=P find.2s.A that-mushroom.TRG

      >> 6. There is no moss on the base of that tree.

      Ya yomoyarareng itrayley avan ada-mehirin.
      TRG=LOC exist.NEG.3s-inani.A moss.P at_bottom_of

      >> 7. Put the mushroom in the basket.

      Tapiu tulangley kasuea.
      Put.IMP mushroom.P basket.LOC

      >> 8. These baskets, the handles of which are made of
      >> pine needles, are useful.

      Eda-kasuyereng numerambay, sondamyeley sirengena singayena
      This-basket.PL.A A.useful, handle.PL.P REL.A.GEN
      needle.PL.GEN needle-tree.GEN

      >> 9. That is the woman to whom I give each of the
      >> mushrooms.

      Adanyang envanaris si ang ilayin eda-tulangyenley.
      That.A woman.P REL TRG=A give.1s.TRG

      >> 10. I always go looking for mushrooms is the forest
      >> through which we
      >> walked today.

      That should have been "in the forest", no?

      Ya balangasayang tulangyeley kong vinimin manga luga siya
      lampaynang davano.
      TRG=LOC search.HABIT.1s.A mushroom.PL.P inside_of forest.TRG
      through REL.LOC walk.1p.A today

      ('manga luga' = through; 'luga' itself means 'among,
      between', 'manga' indicates motion from one place to another
      by means of the following preposition)

      > - elucidation, n.
      > an act of explaining that serves to clear up and cast
      > light on

      taboyisao (lit. "to clarify")

      > - snap at, v.
      > bite off with a quick bite; "The dog snapped off a
      > piece of cloth from the
      > intruder's pants"

      bitogao mangasara (lit. "to tear away/off")

      And another 9 new words, that makes 1401 entries in the
      dictionary. The sentences were really more difficult than
      the words themselves.


      "Miranayam kepauarà naranoaris." (Kalvin nay Hobbes)
      Palayena, Ravikan 16, 2315 ya 15:08:25 pd
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