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136757OT: Ancient Macedonian

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  • Andreas Johansson
    Feb 1, 2006
      The ancient-history site Livius.org has some stuff on the language of ancient
      Macedon at http://www.livius.org/maa-mam/macedonia/macedonia.html#Language ,
      which I found interesting enough to look for further material, preferably from
      professional linguists. However, as one may guess, the modern conflict between
      Greece and Macedonia (FYROM) has resulted in alot of partisan nonsense about
      the issue on the 'Net*. Could anyone here point me to some reputable sources,
      so that I can avoid looking thru the weird stuff?

      My preemptory thanks.


      * My favourite nutty claim on the subject has to be that the modern Macedonian
      language is not a Slavic language, but the descendant of ancient Macedonian,
      not closely related to either Slavic or Greek.
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