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  • Roger Mills
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Paul Bennett wrote: (with snips)
      > I forgot to brag about my Christmas haul. a 1958 first edition of _The
      > Decipherment Of Linear B_ by John
      > Chadwick. It's a slimish paperback,

      _slimmish_ I suspect. _Slimish_ books are what I found in my damp
      My presents to myself this year were: Collected Poems of James Merrill, and
      a bilingual Residencia en la tierra (all 3 in one vol.) by Pablo Neruda.

      > Inside, the pages are tanned, but not
      > horrifically so, considering it's a nearly 50 year old book. It smells
      > wonderful -- that really good "old book" smell that draws you into the
      > book and makes you feel immersed in the words. Original sale price: 95c.

      Ho ho, I remember this from the first time 'round. It was a stunning report
      at the time. I'm surprised a PB has held up so well. Obviously it was
      properly stored.

      I have a lot of 50-yr old Spanish-lang. PBs from the Colección Austral
      (Argentina), very cheap but well-produced editions-- nary a typo ever. They
      tended to turn yellow and brittle after a mere 10 years. The bindings
      usually gave out after one reading.
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