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  • Andreas Johansson
    Jan 1, 2006
      Quoting Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>:

      > On Sun, 01 Jan 2006 05:00:30 -0500, Jefferson Wilson
      > <jeffwilson63@...> wrote:
      > > PM Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages
      > That's a word with which I ought to be familiar, but I'm not. My brain
      > keeps insisting it means either "having many trees" or "above the trees",
      > neither of which make much sense. In typing this, though, it has become
      > apparent that it might mean "from beyond the north".
      > Am I even remotely in the right territory?

      The Hyperboreans, according to ancient geographers, were a people living in the
      far north, so your last interpretation is probably correct.

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