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134562Re: New member with a few questions.

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  • Jörg Rhiemeier
    Nov 1, 2005

      John Schlembach wrote:

      > Hello all.
      > Let me preface the bulk of my by apologizing should I be going about this
      > the wrong way.
      > Where do I start?
      > First of all, I'm an aspiring novelist who knows what I want out of the
      > language my characters are to speak. However, I have no idea how to go
      > about doing it.
      > I'm looking to create an a priori language based around two sets of words.
      > Empty words are words with an implied connotation. A word can seem to
      > mean "light" but until it has the proper qualifier in the form of a suffix
      > bound word it has no meaning.
      > Bound words are just that: adjectives or nouns that allow function to be
      > known and implemented.
      > The difficult part is getting this language to be precise. I've created the
      > bare necessities so far as they relate to several stories I'm working on,
      > but I want more than just token words to provide an exotic feel.
      > I've read interviews here and there, but information on the subject of
      > conlangs is difficult to come across.
      > Is there any advice you all would be kind enough to give?

      Some fruitful advice, such as reading Mark Rosenfelder's Language
      Construction Kit (which I warmly recommend, too), has been given
      by others here.

      One issue that ought to be added:

      If you are about to design a fictional ethnic language, you should
      look at real-world ethnic languages as models rather than "engineering"
      a language to be logical, unambiguous, theoretically elegant, etc.
      I don't know, however, what you are going to do with your language.


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