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  • Ingmar Roerdinkholder
    Jul 4, 2005
      Alborgian was a project I was working on about 10 to five years ago.
      I used a number of books for the info on Arabic dialects:

      -<Actes des premières journées internationales de dialectologie arabe de
      Paris> - INALCO 1994; especially the article <Vocalisme comparé des
      parlers judéo-marocains> by Simon Lévy, and <Formes et structures du
      mixage linguistique dans les langues secrètes juives du Maroc> by Joseph

      -<Le parler Arabe des Juifs de Tunis> by David Cohen

      -<Handbuch der arabischen Dialekte> by Fischer & Jastrow

      -<Esquisse grammaticale de l'Arabe Maghrébin> by Ph. Marçais

      -<Maltese linguistic surveys> by Joseph Aquilina

      and a copple of books about Moroccan Arabic...

      For the rest I used my imagination and my (somewhat limited) knowledge of
      the Portuguese language and its dialects...

      Is there someone at this list who knows (about) Maltese?
      I am very curious what a speaker of Maltese thinks of Alborgian, and if
      s/he can understand it, recognize it as related to his/her own language
      etc. And the same goes for speakers or students of Maghrebi Arabic
      (Algeria, Morocco, Tunesia, Mauretania, Lybia) as well, of course.


      On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 15:51:43 +0300, Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...> wrote:

      >Ingmar Roerdinkholder jazdy:
      >> An example of Alborgian, originally a Maghrebi-Arabic dialect,
      >> to Maltese
      >Very, very interesting. Where do you find information on the Arabic
      >-- Yitzik
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