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132037Re: "Tracheal" consonants: a curiosity?

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  • John Vertical
    Jun 17, 2005
      --- In conlang@yahoogroups.com, william drewery wrote:
      >To pronounce a pharangeal fricative, the aryetenoid cartilidges pull up and
      >around the base of the
      >epiglottis, pushing it back some while the pharangeal cavity is tensed and
      >slightly constricted. There is
      >nearly always tounge root retraction. Epiglottals are essentially
      >exagerated pharangeals. The aryetenoids
      >pull all the way around the base of the epiglottis, pushing it into contact
      >with the back of the throat,
      >then the aryetenoids trill against its base as air flows laterally around
      >the epiglottis.
      > Epiglottal stops are the same as ejective pharangeal stops. The glottis
      >closes completely, while the tounge root retracts so far as to completely
      >seal around the epilottis.

      Wait - did I understand this right? Epiglottals and pharyngeals are
      essentially the same POA, with epiglottal approximants equaling pharyngeal
      (and I guess that would make pharyngeal apprxs. epig. vowels then? :))

      John Vertical

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