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    Jun 8, 2005
      Muke Tever wrote:

      ># 1 <salut_vous_autre@...> wrote:
      >>I have a question concerning the sound changes occuring in the languages
      >>I thought of creating a list of sound changes for my conlang (It could
      >>remove the regularity that I don't like in Vbazi)
      >>But I didn't know how much..
      >>How much sound changes may occur naturaly in languages in a gived period
      >One sound change is probably not going to take less than one generation,
      >or about thirty years.

      About how much time a sound change takes to occur yeah it's obvious that it
      take a generation I more interested by the number of them that can occur

      >You could have several sound changes going at once, but I wouldn't set
      >up a sound change dependent on an earlier change any sooner than that.

      And, like I just said, How much independant sound changes may occur in a
      single generation

      Or, how much changes could have occured in a language in a century? 500
      years? a millenium?

      Could we hear a great diference between one who spoke English two centuries
      ago somewhere and those who speak it now at the same place?

      I said I thought about:

      "/h/ between 2 vowels or at the
      end of a word becomes /x/, /dz/ becomes /D/, /hw/ -> /p\/, /bv/ -> /B/"

      And there are 12 others I've already created, but so much changes could
      probably not occur in a single generation, even if they are all

      >(Unless, say, there is some kind of cultural factor fast-tracking sound

      Is it possible?

      > *Muke!

      - Max
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