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131783Re: "Tracheal" consonants: a curiosity?

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  • Paul Bennett
    Jun 2, 2005
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      From: # 1 <salut_vous_autre@...>
      > Yeah that's what I mean, using such sound modifies the throat...
      > (a genetic
      > particularity inherited from succecive generations of epiglottis
      > users?Anyway ,that's not really important...)

      That's simply not how genetic evolution works, though it is how
      Lamarkian evolution works, which was a fairly dominant theory before
      genetics as a science came to the fore.

      The simple fact is that (aside from a few extreme situations) the
      environment does not shape the existing genes of a living creature. If
      there were a situation where passing on your genes to the next
      generation depended on your ability to produce epiglottal consonants, I
      could agree, but I find it quite hard to construct a plausible scenario
      where that would be the case.

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