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Secession and the Law of God

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    SECESSION AND THE LAW OF GOD Edward R. DeVries, Th.D. Of the dozens of presentations I ve seen on the topic of secession this one is by far the best.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2003
      Edward R. DeVries, Th.D.

      "Of the dozens of presentations I've seen on the topic of secession this
      one is by far the best."

      Commander Paul Matoon
      Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #1588

      ITEM DESCRIPTION: "Secession and the Law of God" is a 44-minute video
      presentation by Dr. Edward R. DeVries. Filmed at a Sons of Confederate
      Veterans gathering in Dallas, Dr. DeVries traces secession as it was
      exercised by the Southern Fathers to its biblical roots.
      Dr. DeVries establishes with scripture that secession is a biblical
      doctrine. It was the means that God gave to His people Israel for relief
      from the oppression of a tyrannical king. This is why Israel of old split
      into a "Northern" and "Southern" kingdom when 2 of the 12 tribes
      seceeded. God ordered and blessed the secession.
      Substantial documentation is then given to show how this biblical model
      was followed in the 1770's by the Continental Congress in the formation
      of the United States.
      Massachusetts and other New England States held Secession Conventions
      during the early to mid 1800's. Documentation of these proceedings is
      discussed as is the legal process of secession as it was outlined by the
      Founding Fathers in the Federalist Papers and in the Constitutional Law
      textbook that was in use at West Point when Davis, Lee, Jackson, and
      others were students at the Academy.
      Then using extensive documentation of the procedure used by the State of
      Texas to seceed from the Union, Dr. DeVries shows that the Southern
      States seceeded in a scriptural manner that was in every detail in exact
      accord with the legal procedure of secession as outlined in the
      Federalist Papers and the above mentioned West Point textbook.
      Dr. DeVries concludes by documenting that secession was not only
      scriptural, constitutional, and (under the circumstances) patrriotic, he
      documents the fact that secession was not done in secret. The Northern
      States had been threatening for 5 years previous to kick the Cotton
      States out of the Union. There was a plank in the Republican Platform of
      1860 calling for the expulsion of the Southern States should Mr. Lincoln
      be elected. The Confederate Money was printed in New York City over one
      year before the first Southern State seceeded. Confederate Military
      uniforms were being manufactured in Pennsylvania more than one year
      before the first Southern State seceeded.
      And the question that begs an answer: Why weren't the Congressman from
      the Southern States immediately arrested as traitors when they announced
      the secession of their States from the floor of the United States
      Congress in Washington D.C.? Why were these men hugged by their Northern
      counterparts, their hands warmly shaken, and they were wished the best
      while allowed to leave the Capitol Building and the United States
      unmolested? Could it be that their fellow Congressmen, unlike Mr.
      Lincoln, did not view their secession as a traitorous act?
      And of course Dr. DeVries documents that the Southern States seceeded
      over taxes, tarriffs, and States Rights - not over the issue of Slavery.
      Many SCV, UDC, and League of the South groups are showing this video at
      their monthly meetings.
      This video would make a great gift.


      You can obtain a copy of this tremendous video for just $7 (includes

      Order more than one and we can even send each video to a different
      address with a gift card on your behalf.

      Order by Mail:

      Ed DeVries
      c/o P.O. Box 603
      Waller, Texas [77484]

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