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361What You Don't Know Is Costing You Big Money!

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    Oct 3, 2011
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      Every month our publication receives dozens of unsolicited samples. The
      companies hope to receive an article on their product. In reality none of the
      unsolicited products are ever reviewed. This month however, one caught my eye
      and it caught my eye because I had read about a dozen separate recommendations
      from different people for this program. The product that is offered at http://discounts4food.com
      turns out to be a very special product. My curiosity forced me to test the
      pr duct to see if the savings are as great as everyone is claiming. My results
      were more than impressive. I purchased $ 179.97 worth of groceries and only
      paid $ 19.53 for them. I am recommending this program very highly!
      Agnes M. Murphy, Editor
      Journal of Family Economics and Finances

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