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358Why Your Grocer HATES This Website!

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    Sep 23, 2011
      The Website Your Grocer Is Hiding From You!

      As a retired regional manager of a Southeastern supermarket chain, I can tell
      you that the program found at http://savingmorethanbefore.com came up very
      frequently at board meetings and regional roundtable discussions. Even though
      we were told again and again to never let the general public know of this website,
      every upper level food industry administrator I know (which is in the hundreds)
      were all part of this program and taking advantage of the enormous savings
      that it provides. For many years I felt guilty not being allowed to share this
      information, information that could help so many people financially. Well,
      that I am retired I am on a crusade to get the word out as best I can. As for
      me I have been using this program since December 1988 and I saved more money
      than I
      could even add up.�The preceeding news alert was provided as a service of The
      National Institute of News Events and is being disseminated by News Corp. of

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