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    Aug 18, 2011
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      I received this email from Betty S. from Kansas City, MO :
      I bring my kids to this local playgroup to meet with other moms and
      kids in the area. Three weeks ago the leader decided that we would
      have a contest to see who could make the biggest savings at the
      supermarket (percentage savings) The rules were pretty simple you had
      to purchase at least $50 worth of groceries prior to the coupon
      savings. Whoever had the greatest percentage savings in the three
      week period would win a motorized jeep (donated by a local toy store)
      for their child(ren). I always thought of myself as a savings guru
      and figured I had a great chance at winning this. In fact when I
      saved 63% on one of my shopping trips, I was sure that the jeep was
      ours! Last Friday we met and turned in our grocery receipts. I
      couldn't believe when Lisa turned in her receipts showing a savings
      of 82% I had to look at the receipt 5 times. She actually got $143.87
      worth of groceries for only $15.89! She also had a pocket full of
      other receipts where she saved: 79%, 73%, 68% and 67%. I asked her
      the natural question how did you do this? She told me that she signed
      on to a program at: http://discounts4food.com She had saw a
      television show for this and thought it was worth trying out. Well
      like the other moms at the playgroup I couldn't wait to sign up!

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