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    Aug 11, 2011
      Many of you asked for examples of the savings. I always deal in actual numbers
      so I am sharing with you my most recent grocery store receipt. I'm sorry, I
      don't have a scanner but I'm a great typist so I'm copying my latest receipt
      that I got while using the program I told you about at http://savingmorethanbefore.com
      Here it is:�Tuscan Milk 2% Gallon��� $ 1.74Puffs Tissues 3 pack� $ 1.25Arnold
      Cinnamon Bread $ .75Dannon Yogurt 6 pack� $ 1.03Eggo Waffles 20 ct� $ 1.84Breyers
      Ice Cream 48oz $ 1.20Kelloggs Corn Flakes 28oz $ .80Fantastik Cleaner $ .75Windex
      Cleaner $ .80Wisk Detergent 150 oz $ 3.50Advil 40 ct $ 1.25Pampers Diapers
      Case $ 4.25Purdue Split Breasts Large $ 2.25Dozen Large Grade A Eggs $ .55Uncle
      Bens 5lb Bag Rice $ 1.75Nathans Hot Dogs (Pack) $ 1.20Wise Potato Chips $ .25Snapple
      12oz bottles $ .30 each�Now you can see why I am so excited and I am happy
      to say many of you have emailed me equally excited with very similar savings!
      I just want to keep shopping at these incredible prices.�Moderator

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