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347Moderators Note: Huge Help For Soaring Grocery Bills!

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  • Group Moderator
    Jul 29 6:58 PM
      Moderators Note: Huge Help For Soaring Grocery Bills!
      Thank you so much for the tip below. As Group�Modeerator, it is my obligation
      to test claims that are made on my forum. When you shared your story with us
      I signed up for the programs you listed. I am happy to report that the programs
      work just like you said. I have saved substantial money already on my food
      bill. Many other group members contacted me that joined this program and asked
      me to thank you also.�[repost of submitted article]
      Huge Help For Soaring Grocery Bills!
      This was such an unexpected source of relief I am still crying whenever I think
      about it. My husband was recently laid off and needless to say that threw us
      into an immediate financial crisis. Here's where I unexpectedly found hope.
      Last Thursday I was walking to my car after finding out about my husband being
      laid off. I couldn't help but sob. A woman in the lot stopped me and asked
      if everything was okay. Not to burden anyone, I told her about my husband being
      laid off and left it at that. With that she reached in her pocket book and
      handed me a booklet and insisted that I take it. She told me that someone gave
      it to her when she was in financial
      trouble. She went on to say that she is no longer financially burdened and
      she wants to help me. With that she left and disappeared into the large lot.
      I got home and decided to try this program and sure enough, I was able to save
      $ 68.01 and only had to pay $12.20 for $80.21 worth of groceries for only $
      18.36! She must have been an angel. I am crying as I type this. This program
      is being offered at http://savingmorethanbefore.com� I don't know what I would
      have done if I didn't meet that wonderful lady!

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