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    Jun 30, 2011
      Recently the Editor from American Mother posted at our group. I am happy to
      announce that I was able to obtain reprint rights to her full story and her
      it is!:�RESEARCH SUBJECT: The Sampler Program at http://savingmorethanbefore.comRESEARCH
      DATELINE: May 25, 2011 - June 20, 2011SUMMARY CONCLUSION: ( 5 STARS ) - HIGHLY
      RECOMMENDED�Our study began by our Research Team investigating the company's
      background. The following historical facts were verified. The company began
      on October 7, 1977. Today the company employs 267 individuals. It's programs
      are currently being used by 529,998 individuals throughout all 50 states.�We
      then dispatched 6 reporters to separate regions of the USA. We had these reporters
      pose as ordinary individuals and each subscribe to The Sampler Program. From
      the date of order the timeframe for each reporter to receive the kit was between
      3 days and 7 days with the average being 4 days. Each reporter was instructed
      to use each program of The Sampler 4 times at different stores. The tabulation
      of our research project concluded the following: The average savings on groceries
      for the 6 reporters was: 76% or $ 134.72 per order. The average savings on
      dining out for the 6 was 62% or $ 38.21 per dining outing. The average savings
      on name brand products for the 6 was 59% or $ 42.29 per item bought. Overall
      these�figures represent substantial savings. We are therefore adding this to
      our Top 5 must buys.�<<< Reproduction of this article is strictly forbidden
      without the expressed written consent of Crown Publishing Inc. >>>

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