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Confederate Blue, White and Red

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    (This post is brought you by The Confederate College of Heraldry where Confederate citizens may have Arms drawn-up and registered for free.) WHAT WERE
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      (This post is brought you by The Confederate College of Heraldry
      where Confederate citizens may have Arms drawn-up and registered for


      If anyone ever asked you what are Confederate colors, would you know
      what they were talking about? There is such a thing as an order of
      colors just as order of direction, left to right when reading.

      What if it were suggested that colors of the Confederacy were
      opposite those of the remaining federal states of the Union? The
      only real evidence, however, is in front of our eyes and with a small
      leap of faith we may see the example.

      Order of colors appear to move in a "flow" or direction such as in
      the French tricolor of blue, white and red. Colors here begin from
      the staff to the fly end. At other times colors order from top to
      bottom. For example, take the Russian tricolor white, blue and red
      from top to bottom.

      We do not have to assume animosity in the Dixie Confederacy as to New
      England plans of domination by tariffs and convenient social issues
      of the day to aide their unholy economic causes. Now you must ask of
      our Confederate fathers, would they change a banner and retain a
      federal order of colors?--probably not. The idea was to leave an
      1800s form of "United Nations for the common good" and form a new
      association free from radical New England influence.

      If keeping in mind that the French would no more use red, white and
      blue of the English, it also seems safe to say the South would prefer
      French Revolutionary help once again in blue, white and red.

      Where's the evidence? The United Daughters of the Confederacy had a
      full-color rendering of the Confederacy's Great Seal drawn up in
      1913. Many copies can be seen of it on the Internet, books and
      magazines as well. Witness colors of Dixie on rhw ribbon of this
      Great Seal? In the Seal's base you'll find Confederate colors from
      left to right in blue, white and red. Also note rings in the seal
      from outer to inner: blue, white and red.

      In 1892, Mississippi was free to choose a flag again. They chose a
      hybrid pattern between the First National and the Stainless Banner.
      Their flag actually was a wartime example one can see at the Alabama
      state museum in Montgomery. Unlike the Stars and Bars of red, white
      and red bars with St. Andrew's (or Jacob's cross) in canton,
      Mississippi's design shows bars, top to bottom colors of blue, white
      and red.

      Could this order really be a surprise? In a postwar Dixie our
      ancestor's may have believed a red, white and blue betrayal of
      everything they and we still hold dear. Perhaps blue, white and red
      are really code for faithfulness of her people, purity of the Cause
      and the blood-spilt Sacrifice for the Dixie Confederacy.

      Stand when you hear Dixie, salute the flag and hold-fast with blue,
      white and red.

      Gary Smith
      Dixie Confederate (permission to post anywhere)

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