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40177The Right to Fresh Laundry...shall not be infringed upon

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  • Padraic Brown
    Jul 10, 2014
      The rights and priviledges some people enjoy are quite curious in some parts of the World.
      For example, if you live in Auntimoany, and live in a house in a town or city, you will have
      the free right to _lavanderment_, and, within reason, are free from the tax of _lavanderage_.

      According to an Act of Parliament (1743), "The Free Right of the householder (a free Citizen 
      of the Empire) to keep, maintain and use a cord of rope for the purpose of airing the freshly 
      laundered linens, naps, bedclothes, tunics, capes or other articles of outer clothing of that
      household without fee or let of the household to which the cord be attached shall not be infringed 

      The privilege of double or treble lavanderment, whereby two or three stays are made fast to the 
      other house, may be granted by the leave of the landlord of that house and the tenant thereof. The
      fee of lavanderage of one half daler each month shall be rendered upon the meridies (the 15th 
      of the month) and payed equally to the landlord and the tenant thereof.

      The penalty for withholding the rightful lavanderage due the landlord shall not exceed seven
      dalers. The penalty for assessing false lavanderage upon ones neighbor shall not exceed
      fourteen dalers."

      So, in Auntimoany, you have the right to freshly air dried laundry, but apparently you can't
      air out your underwear in such a public manner!

      It might also be of interest to note that it's easy to get around having to pay the tax for
      multiple clotheslines. Since the tax is levied on a per attachment to the other house basis,
      some householders have taken to stringing multiple lines from their house to a single ring
      attached free to the house across the way. Others use a set of pulleys, also attached to
      a single base upon the other house.

      Any strange or even silly rights enshrined in law in your cultures?

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