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40176Re: [conculture] Sefdaania: Size of the Lithans

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  • caeruleancentaur
    Jul 8, 2014
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      In terms of size I group the Sefdaanians into three groups tallest to shortest:

      1. Xylans

      2. Ethrans, Pyrans and Humans

      3. Hydorans and Lithans

      The Xylans average 10’ tall.

      The Ethrans average 6’ tall.  No difference based on sex.

      The Pyrans and the Humans are about 5’8”.  The Pyrans are of a slight built, the Humans more robust.

      Pyrans : Hydorans :: Humans : Lithans.

      Another way to group the six Peoples is by bone structure.

      Ethrans, Humans and Lithans have solid bones.

      Pyrans, Hydorans and Xylans have hollow bones.



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