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39612Re: [conculture] Carnivorous Plants

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  • Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
    Jan 27, 2014
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      Glad you like the idea. The thorns idea is better. I did find some
      inconsistencies wen I was copying them into my notes. The people who
      grow these fruits are hoping to find some positive aspect of the
      fruit. Like a cure for a disease.

      On 1/26/14, Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...> wrote:
      > Overall, I really like the concepts. Especially the gigglefruit -- this
      > reminds me of certain
      > plants with similar effects in the World. That is, they cause euphoria, but
      > the person who
      > is presently riding the high as often as not ends up in a rather terminal
      > state.
      > But, for a certain subset of the population that gets off on such things,
      > the rumelian
      > roulette of the whole game is just part of the fun. Whyever would any sane
      > person
      > allow gigglefruit to be planted near their house -- where children could get
      > at it and
      > kill themselves?
      > My main concern about the biting apples is that they don't really seem to
      > fit what seems
      > to be a relatively realistic universe, so in that regard tend towards
      > agreement with
      > Charlie. On the other hand, Yemora does have some unusual creatures and
      > weird
      > physiologies going on, so perhaps they're not out of the realm of
      > possibility. To me, they
      > seem to fit better in a fantasy setting rather than a science fiction one.
      > If these are, strictu sensu, plants rather than animals, I agree that teeth
      > and aggressive
      > locomotion are less than likely. Perhaps you might consider, in stead of
      > actual teeth,
      > something that a plant would be more likely to sport, like rows of nice
      > sharp thorns.
      > I don't have too much of a problem with plants that can move a bit --
      > perhaps using
      > something akin to hydraulic lines -- but having them move like animals might
      > be a
      > bit much.
      > As for the question of growing the things, whyever would anyone want to??
      > Surely the
      > growers would have to don armor just to prune the twigs or harvest the
      > fruit? I'm
      > guessing the fruit must be very good indeed if one has to risk life and limb
      > just to get
      > close to it!
      > Invisible trees? Sounds like something in a fantasy setting as well.
      > Padraic
      >> From: Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews <goldyemoran@...>
      >>To: conculture@yahoogroups.com
      >>Sent: Friday, 24 January 2014, 19:57
      >>Subject: RE: [conculture] Carnivorous Plants
      >>Wow, I’m not too far off with the biting apples if your
      > world has carnivours carrots.
      >>The biting apple when picked, bites the hand that picks it.
      >>It waits for an unexpecting victim to [pass by and grab it.
      >>It lives in a forest with Giggle fruit.
      >>The apples are silver, round and small, but when grabbed,
      > the two halves come apart, revealing actual teeth.
      >>The apples attack as a group like bees.
      >>The apples can be grown, but a license is required.
      >>The apples don’t live in a forest. The have invisible
      > trees, so liter the ground, making even weary people easy prey.
      >>Giggle fruit  makes one literally die laughing.
      >>They effect children the fastest.
      >>The aroma of all thes plants draw one in.
      >>The giggle fruit’s aroma is so powetent, that one can’t
      > get near enough to pick it.
      >>One can be rescued, but they must be rescued before the
      > laughter drops to a base level.
      >>The giggle starts off high and fast. It rises, and the
      > person is paralyzed.
      >>Then the giggle then ends on a high note, but starts to drop
      > down rapidly without a pause.
      >>The fruit even laughs as one draws closer. They can hear the
      > laughter from a distance.
      >>Giggle fruit trees can be grown near a house, but you need a
      > growing license.
      >>Your plan with the taproot just gave me an idea for the
      > fever oranges, thanks.
      >>Pen name:
      >>Mellissa Green
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      >> protection is active.
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