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  • Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
    Jan 25, 2014
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      What is the purpose of these teeth?  Defense of the tree?  The apples are already on the ground.  Food?  The trees must lack some nutrient that doesn’t come from the soil, as do Venus flytraps.


      The teeth are there for food. The teeth are niether mollars nor incisers.

      They're called hooked teeth because they hook into the skin.

      The teeth are in six rows of seven hooked teeth.

      The hooks come out when the apples attack.



      These teeth, are there incisors, canines and molars, or are they all one type?  If they are true teeth that means a supply of fluid in the tree to nourish the dentine.

      To say that the hand picks the apple implies that they are hanging on the tree.  I’m not sure that I’d approach a fruit hanging in the air without visible support.


      Good point.

      Maybe the trees become visible when someone draws near.


      Are there still inhabitants of Yemora who don’t know the apples are carnivorous, who would unexpectedly reach for one or walk in an area where they litter the ground.


      The Yemoran inhabitants who would do something like that are usually bullies, daring, risktakers, or curious. The silly ones are usually children who go off when there parents turn their backs.


      The two halves come apart.  Is there some kind of hinge to enable this?  What kind of muscle is used?


      There is an inner peel that functions as a hinge for the apples.



      Do these apples have seeds in them or do the trees have another way to reproduce?


      The apples don't have seeds, they grow from tree tubes.


      To say that the victim has to pass by and grab one, then say they attack in a group seems to me to be mutually exclusive.  If hanging from the tree they are attached and can’t attack.  If littering the ground, they would need to possess motion in order to attack.  Do they have little legs also?

      The tree tubes sense motion. So when the apple is grabbed, it activates the tube, in one apple, then the rest follow. These tubes are tiny.


      Why would someone want to grow carnivorous apples?

      Yemoran botanists and horticulturists would want to buuy carnivorous apples, so would a healer or a plant researcher.

         How are the trees transplanted or grafted if they’re invisible?  They must be grown from seeds.  Presuming there are seeds in the apples, the farmer would have to extract them in some way and not get attacked and bitten.

      To put the apples to sleep so extraction can be done, a circular spray of gingerapple or other fruit juice is used.


      The apples have to be grown in juice and soil, since water wakes the apples up.

      Fruit juice is also used on giggle fruit to make it transplantable.




      What physiology makes the trees invisible?


      I'll have to get back to you on the last question.

      Unless these questions can be logically answered, this must be one of the silliest concepts I’ve ever heard.



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      Mellissa Green








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