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39606RE: [conculture] Carnivorous Plants

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  • Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
    Jan 24, 2014

      Wow, I’m not too far off with the biting apples if your world has carnivours carrots.


      The biting apple when picked, bites the hand that picks it.


      It waits for an unexpecting victim to [pass by and grab it.


      It lives in a forest with Giggle fruit.

      The apples are silver, round and small, but when grabbed, the two halves come apart, revealing actual teeth.

      The apples attack as a group like bees.

      The apples can be grown, but a license is required.

      The apples don’t live in a forest. Thehave invisible trees, so liter the ground, making even weary people easy prey.




      Giggle fruit  makes one literally die laughing.

      They effect children the fastest.

      The aroma of all thes plants draw one in.


      The giggle fruit’s aroma is so powetent, that one can’t get near enough to pick it.

      One can be rescued, but they must be rescued before the laughter drops to a base level.


      The giggle starts off high and fast. It rises, and the person is paralyzed.

      Then the giggle then ends on a high note, but starts to drop down rapidly without a pause.

      The fruit even laughs as one draws closer. They can hear the laughter from a distance.


      Giggle fruit trees can be grown near a house, but you need a growing license.


      Your plan with the taproot just gave me an idea for the fever oranges, thanks.





      Pen name:

      Mellissa Green








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