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39601IB: News updates

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  • al_fishes
    Jan 5, 2014
      A few notices from the last few months in my parts of the world.

      October 2013
      Avarua, Kuke, Fijian Polynesia
      After months of debate, the Assembly approved an Organic Committee to suggest ways to revise the constitution of the dependency.  It is expected that a federal structure will replace the unitary structure that Fijian Polynesia has now, a system that the international press has called "cumbersome," "impractical" and "colonialistic."

      November 2013
      St. Francis, Ouisconsin
      The Covenant Loyalists suffered a slump in this year's Ouisconsin Council elections and were forced to re-form their coalition with the Whig Party. The Ecotopists, partners for four years, accepted an invitation to remain part of the coalition. They know they will be less relevant, but "we can do more good in government than out of it," in the words of Ecotopic MP Wido Mastrangel.

      December 2013
      Haña Roa, Henua
      The Council confirmed a treaty with Oregon that will secure environmental aid for the island kingdom.  This marks a milestone for Henua, one year after the last of its constitutional reforms of 2008-10 took effect, and a sign that the political turmoil of those years has mostly calmed down.  A similar pact was rejected at the time over mostly personal rivalries and perceptions that the king had overstepped his authority.

      January 2014
      Acmescit, Crimea
      Papal officials and leaders of Crimea's Lutheran church signed an accord that will bring the church into full communion with Rome in the next 5 years, after the model of the Episcopal Lutheran Church in Germany.  The body comprises most of Crimea's Protestants, nearly 100,000 people in all.  It traces its origins to German and Estonian immigrants in the 19th century.

      - Ben
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